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Sustainable Clothes Without Compromise.

Each purchase plants trees in a country of your choice.
Fairtrade, GOTS and 100% organic cotton.

Each purchase
plants trees.
You can choose from 22 different
planting locations worldwide.
Every product is
GOTS certified.
That is how we ensure fair working conditions.
Best quality,
ecologically and organically produced.
Every product is made from 100% organic cotton.
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"Best quality T-shirt in my closet. It feels totally great and has a very nice cut. Will definitely recommend it. And I did something for the environment. It doesn't get any better than this."
- Sarah T.
"So many great details and a really pleasant fabric. I look forward to more products."
Lukas N.
"Very pleasant fabric, wonderful to wear and the fabric still looks like new even after a few washes.
Would buy it again and again. "
- Sandra P.
"Super T-shirt!!! Always looks great. Whether in sports or in everyday life, the fabric does not warp and the print is still like on the first day! Look forward to the new products."
- Lukas B.
"One of the best and greatest shirts in my box! Qualitatively this has to be imitated first. I look forward to more colors and other products."
- Clara
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