BeBetter. We are three young students who want to make the world a little bit better. After spending time in Asia, we saw firsthand the problems that our planet is facing. One of the biggest being the massive deforestation of the world’s forests. Trees don’t only provide oxygen but are an essential habitat for countless at risk and endangered species. With our start-up BeBetter, we want to do our part to counter deforestation. By planting three trees per product sold we want to actively fight this problem as well as set an example for others.

The basic idea behind BeBetter is to combine the current modern fashion with the sustainable aspect, so that neither the topic of sustainability nor one's own appearance have to be sacrificed. We brought together the aspects of our favorite fashion styles and packed them into one product.
The special fit and small individual details were the results of a long design process. 

BeBetter means for us not only to pay more attention to our environment, but also to want more from life and to constantly develop ourselves in every area of life.

Thomas Abentung BeBetter nachhaltige Kleidung

Thomas Abentung


Simon Bauer BeBetter nachhaltige Kleidung

Simon Bauer


Maximilian Modrich BeBetter nachhaltige Kleidung

Maximilian Modrich


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